After serving in the British Army in Egypt and India, William Lewis' brother, Mark, emigrated to PERTH, Australia; I am now in contact with his descendants.



Another brother, Arthur Matthew, went to CALGARY, Canada. In 1914, he married Eirene Louise Horseman in VICTORIA, British Columbia, and in his later years, lived at the Union Club in Victoria, where he died on 2 Apr 1960. He apparently became quite rich, but had no children. His obituary gives him the rank of Colonel, and at the time of his marriage in 1914, he was residing in Calgary. I recently came across the following photograph, which shows a Colonel Berryman in Calgary; it may just be a coincidence, but he certainly resembles my grandfather.

Group of officers, World War I, 1914-1918. Calgary, Alberta.
[between 1919 and 1939]
L-R back row: Cadet unknown; Lieutenant A. Lindale; Lieutenant McCarthy; Lieutenant Denny Bryan; Lieutenant Jack Burton.
L-R middle row: Major R. E. A. Lloyd; Major J. Beatty, Major P.P. Littlewood; Major J. F. Scott; Lieutenant Bosoniworth; Captain W. R. Coates; Captain Fred Harvey.
L-R front row: Colonel James Walker; Colonel George Macdonald; Colonel E. G. May; Colonel H. C. Hervey; Colonel A. G. Wolley-Dod; Colonel W. E. Tidball; Colonel Berryman.
Seated: The Padre.


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